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Assigning Other Room Managers & Room Admins
Assigning Other Room Managers & Room Admins

This article describes how to make other team members a room manager / room admin for one of your rooms.

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NOTE: Having multiple room managers is a paid feature on the teams package and above. If you do not have access to this feature, you will need to upgrade through the Filo application or reach out to your sales manager through email ( or through chat support found inside the application.

Room managers (formerly room admins) are able to create, configure (add tiles & change settings), and control / grant access to a room. In many cases, especially in highly collaborative environments, having multiple room managers can be very convenient.

Multiple room managers allow you to share responsibilities for a room. If the primary room manager is out, there is always someone else who can grant access to a room or add and change tiles or settings.

Adding additional room managers

  1. To assign another room manager, both users must be on the same Filo team. For help getting additional team members added, reach out to Filo support through chat support or through

  2. Once both users are on the same Filo team, navigate to the room where you would like to add the room manager.

  3. Click the ellipsis in the room header and select "Manage Members" from the drop down menu.

  4. In the Manage Members screen, find the user you want to make a room manager and click the ellipsis next to that user. Select "Edit Roles."

  5. On the "Edit Roles" menu, put a check mark next to the "Admin" role and click "Update."
    NOTE: If you do not see the admin role, the room member is not a part of your Filo team. You must be an upgraded user and members of the same team. For assistance with this, reach out to Filo Support.

  6. The user is now a room manager. Have the new room manager refresh Filo, and they will see all admin actions available to them.

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