Our Custom Embed Tile can be used for a multitude of things! Embed pre-recorded videos, software such as Miro and Airtable, graphs and charts like Hubspot sales charts and so much more! In this article we'll walk through how to embed a Calendly scheduling link!

  1. Navigate to the Room editing dropdown by clicking on the ellipsis:

  2. Click on "+ Add a Tile":

  3. Click on the "Custom Embed" Tile to begin to add this tile:

  4. Give your Tile a name, choose Full Width or Half Width, and paste in your Calendly embed URL

    - then click "Add Tile":

  5. If you would like to move this Tile into a different spot, click back on the ellipsis and click "Edit Tile Order":

  6. Drag your Tile to a new spot:

  7. Once you've saved your Tile you can re-edit to remove the header to give it a cleaner look!

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