Using our Zoom Tile is a seamless way to connect with your group and access recordings. Your Room will already include a Zoom Tile for you to use, but should you need additional ones, please follow these steps!

  1. Navigate to the Room editing dropdown by clicking on the ellipsis:

  2. Click on "+ Add a Tile":

  3. Click on the "Zoom" Tile to begin to add this tile:

  4. Give your Tile a name and click "Save":

  5. If you would like to move this Tile into a different spot, click back on the ellipsis and click "Edit Tile Order":

  6. Drag your Tile to a new spot:

  7. Host your first call! If you choose to record your call you and your members can access the recordings by clicking on the ellipsis and then clicking "View Recordings" (members will not see the "Edit Tile" option):

  8. Please keep in mind - Zoom recordings expire after 30 days so please be sure to download any that you would like to keep longterm.

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