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Get started with Filo
Creating an Account in Filo
Creating an Account in Filo

Learn how to get started by creating a new account

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  1. To create a free Filo account, go to and enter your email address or login using your Google account.

    Filo Create Account Page

  2. Email Sign-Up

    Entering your email address and then press "Sign up."

  3. Provide your name and create a password

    Password should be 8 characters at a minimum, must not contain spaces, must contain at least one special character. Acceptable special characters: = + - ^ $ * . [ ] { } ( ) ? " ! @ # % & / \ , > < ' : ; | _ ~

    Once your account is created, you could see two optional screens

  4. Let us know about you (optional)

    Letting us know a bit about you really helps us make the product better. Let us know your primary use case. If not, no worries you can skip.

  5. Create your first room (optional)

    You can get started with your first room! To do so, just give your room a name and click "Go to may Filo room." If you create a room, you will drop right into that room and you are off and running. If not, feel free to skip and you will be taken to the home screen. There, you are done

  6. That's it!

    For more on navigating Filo, see this article!

Supported Devices

  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

  • Devices: Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhones, Android

  • Zoom installed client


If you have an issues with this process, please check this article, or contact us at

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