Did you know that the average sales cycle today includes 27 interactions and over 11 stakeholders? Filo Rooms are a great way to uplevel and brand your prospects experience, drive transparency and alignment across everyone involved, accelerate your deal, while also saving you and your team time.

One secure, beautiful place to meet, plan, and share information. Simply set up your Room and invite them in! We'll show you how to get started in under 5 minutes.

Here is how to build out the room above.

One you have created your new room, follow these instructions to customize the template to match the customer room above.

Your new room already comes with a Zoom, Updates, Files & Links, and Action items tiles. We just need to:

Upload a Room Icon and Header

  1. Hover over the rounded room icon in the top left and click the camera.

  2. Upload your image and crop it to your desired dimensions

  3. Click "Set Cropped Image" and your new image will appear in the room.

  4. Repeat the steps above to upload your own branded room header image as well.

Have any issues, check out the following article.

Add an image tile

  1. Click the ellipsis at the right of the room header and select "Add a Tile"

  2. Select "Image"

  3. Turn off the "Show Title" option.

  4. Select "Full Width" option and "Image Size" as "Full" as well.

  5. Hover over the camera icon and click on it to add an image.

  6. Click "Add Tile" at the bottom of the screen.

  7. This will then add the image tile to the bottom of the Room.

  8. To move this image up to the top, press the ellipsis on the right of the room header, press "Edit Tile Order" and drag and drop where you want it to go.

  9. (Optional) In this case, it would have been a good touch to turn this image tile into a banner by linking it out to the primary contacts LinkedIn Profile

Insert our content

Now comes the fun part! We can add in our content.

  1. Post an update! In the room header, click "Post an update." Type out your message for the update. Our sample text is at the bottom of this article if you want to simply copy and past it in the "Content" box. Be sure and select "Room Updates" in the delivery options and click "Post Update" at the bottom. You should see the room updates tile display the message you just sent. Want to know more about posting updates,? See this article. (ADD LINK)

  2. Upload your links and files! On the Files & Links tile, click "Add" to add your links to online documents and resources or upload the files you want to share with the room. Note: You can also drag and drop files directly over the tile! Want to know more about Files & Links? See this article (ADD LINK).

  3. Add action items! In the Action Items tile, click "Add" to quickly add action items, tasks, or scheduled next steps for your project. If desired, you can give each a due date and an owner as well.

Share your room

Now it's time to share your room with others.

  1. Add room members! Room members can see everything in the room, post messages, join meetings, and collaborate fully. To add room members click the Share icon in the header. Type in the email addresses of your desired members in the "Add people" box and click "Done."

  2. Create a public room link (optional)! Public room links allow you to use your Filo room Zoom meeting in calendar invites, without worry about whether or not your attendees are members or are logged in. Anyone with the link can quickly join any active Zoom meeting. To create the public room, click the share icon in the header and turn on "Public Access." Click the "Copy Link" button and add that link to your meeting invites. Voila!

Filo rooms can be customized and configured to serve any number of use cases, and customer rooms can take many forms. I hope this has been helpful. If you have lingering questions, don't hesitate to reach out via a support message directly! We would love to hear from you.

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