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Filo Rooms are a fantastic place to collaborate as a group or cohort. Bring everyone together in a single place to share information, ask questions, and learn from one another! Easily bring in your other tools, stream webinars, and communicate asynchronously or synchronously. Simply set up your Room and invite your members in!

Get started

Start by adding a new Room in Filo.

Filo Rooms are currently listed in the left hand panel alphabetically. Decide on a naming convention to use consistently for your rooms to group them as you like.

Add a description for additional context!

Feel free to brand your Room as much or as little as you'd like. Upload a custom Banner image to the top of the Room to highlight who the Room is for. The Room Icon can also be updated with your branding or an icon that identifies who the group or cohort is.

Tiles and Room Layout | New Room Template

Filo Rooms come templated with several Tiles that we find valuable for most of our users. Each Room will already have a licensed Zoom Tile for you to utilize at any time. Should you choose to record a call those recordings will be stored within the Tile for 30 days and all Room Members can access those by clicking on the ellipsis within the Tile. (Only you as an admin can edit or remove the Tile however.)

Another Tile that is included within your Room is a Files & Links Tile. This is a fantastic place to upload links and files to share with your group and keep them in one place! Slide decks, working docs, podcast links, book recommendations, etc. Again, you can always add additional Resource Tiles as needed to group information for easy organization and access.

The last Tile that is included within a new Room template is an Action Items Tile. Use this for assigning action items that come out of a call or tasks that need to be shared and tracked with the group. Add due dates and assign additional members as needed.

The default Tiles can be renamed, deleted, or reordered! If you decide you do not need a Zoom Tile or other Tile, you can easily delete them. (You can always add a new one or many at a later date as needed).

By clicking on the "Add Tile" button you will see additional Tile options.

A Text Block Tile is an ideal place to share a welcome message or instructions with your customer.

Image Tiles are excellent for introducing your dedicated team members to your customer. These can also link out to a URL (a bio on your website, LinkedIn, etc.) if you'd like.

The Custom Tile can be used for any else you wish to embed within the Room. We recommend using this standalone Tile when you want to put emphasis on a particular thing. For example, embedding an explainer video or product walkthrough can be helpful! Otherwise, adding links to a Resource Tile is the way to go to take up less real estate within the Room.

Not all software/products allow embedding in an iframe. Be sure to check documentation specific to what you are trying to embed for ability and the how-to steps! i.e. "Can Calendly be embedded in an iframe?" (the answer is yes it can and it's a seamless way to allow your customer to schedule time with you!)

Tiles can be reordered to share the most important information above the fold and can be rearranged as the partnership progresses and importance changes!


Use Chat to communicate quick notes or questions. You can @ mention your members and they can @ mention you when they have a question or note of their own. When a new message is added to the Chat, the Room name will become bolded within the left hand panel. Anyone @ mentioned will also receive a notification email.

As Room Admin you can also share Updates for your group - these can be posted within a Tile the Room, be sent via email, or just shared as more of an announcement. These can be pushed right into the Filo Room and/or sent via email to your members.

Click on one of the articles below to learn step by step instructions on creating ideals Rooms!

If you need any assistance with setting up your customer rooms please contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

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