Here are our step by step instructions for setting up livestreaming using your Zoom license and our IBM tile.

Video tutorial

Prerequisite: At this time, we will need to add the IBM livestreaming tile for you - so please let us know you need that if we don't already have it added for you!

Setting up your Greenroom in Filo:

  1. Add a Filo Room to your Floor:

  2. Limit access to Admins and anyone else who will need to join the Zoom to present:

  3. Add a Zoom Tile:

Setting up a new meeting within your Zoom account:

  1. Login to your Zoom account

  2. Create a new Zoom Meeting - name it to match your event:

  3. Set it to be Recurring - No Fixed Time

  4. Check the box for a waiting room and have participants muted upon entry (optional):

  5. Save the meeting

  6. Keep your Zoom window open

Adding your Zoom information to the Zoom tile in Filo:

  1. Back in Filo click the pencil on the Zoom tile

  2. Copy the following from your Zoom meeting and paste those into the Zoom Tile:

    1. Meeting ID

    2. Passcode

    3. Invite Link

Adding the streaming information to your Zoom meeting in your Zoom account:

  1. Click on the pencil on the IBM streaming tile

  2. Back in your Zoom account, scroll down and click on "Live Streaming"

  3. Back in the IBM tile copy the RTMP URL and paste that into the Stream URL field in Zoom

  4. Then copy the RTMP Channel Key into the Stream key field in Zoom

  5. Copy the Filo URL for where the Livestream tile is into the Live streaming page URL in Zoom.

    Zoom window:

    IBM tile window:

  6. Click "Save" in Zoom.

  7. Click "cancel" in Filo!

Make sure you are logged into the Zoom account that is set up for streaming. Anytime you'd like you can start your Zoom and then click the "More" button down in the lower right hand corner and then click on "Live on Customs Live Streaming Service":

Once it says you are streaming there is a 15-20 second delay between what happens within the Zoom and what shows up in Filo.

If someone is sharing their screen only one person's camera will show up at a time. If no one is sharing their screen anyone with a camera on will show up in the livestream.

If you have any questions about setting this up, or would like to do a walkthrough please let us know. Contact!

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