As a campus administrator, you can manage the look and feel of each floor and room with a custom header. Follow along to add some branding and customization to each page in your Filo campus!

Set the Title and Description of the Floor or Room

During the setup process, you can define the name and description of the floor or room in the "Set Floor Details" section:

Upload a Header Image and Choose a Background Color

In the "Select Floor Features" step, admins can define the overall page’s header image, as well as the header image color. If you do not want to have a page header on your floor or room, you can simply toggle this setting:

Upload an image that's 570 pixels x 274 pixels for best results. Download our Illustrator or Photoshop file to crop the image and get a preview of how it will look using our layout template!

Note: If you don't select an image or background color during the setup process, the page header will use the Filo default.

Once you upload, edit, and save everything, your header will look something like this:

*Note for existing floors and rooms prior to 11/18/21: Each room and floor will default to having legacy headers turned off for existing floors and rooms prior to 11/18/21. You can turn the new header on via the steps listed above and re-upload a new header image.

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