Accessing Room Settings is only available to Admins. If you do not see the icons discussed in this article please let us know.

When you are first setting up your Filo Room there are a few settings to be aware of. You'll want to review the following to familiarize yourself with the options and make some decisions before you start fully configuring your Room or inviting non-admins/general members in.

Video tutorial - high level

Accessing Room Settings

To access the Room Settings click on the ellipsis in the upper left hand side of your Room by the Room name. Then click on "edit options" which are the three dots and then click "Room Settings."

You will now see this screen:

Room Icon

The Room icon should reflect your brand and will show in the left hand corner to identify your Campus, as well as be included if you choose to use the Filo system invitation email to new members (we'll cover this a little later). The recommended size is 400px x 400px. You can click on the icon circle and press "replace image" to find your image on your device. Alway be sure to click "Save" to save any changes you've made.

Room Name

Your Room Name should also reflect your brand or meeting name. This will also be included in the Filo system invitation email to new members should you choose to use that. You can change this at any time: system invitation email

Toggle on the "Send Filo system invitation email to new members" if you would like any new member who is added to your Room to receive the below email (at this time nothing that isn't highlighted can be customized):

To toggle on your email invites, go to the "Room Settings" and then you can update your email notifications. Don't forget to press "Update" in blue so that your settings can save.

This can be toggled on and off as needed. (You can also change this if you are utilizing the add member section directly from Room settings). When you go to add new members you will see this message at the top of the Add New Member box when the email option is ON:

And when it's OFF:

Another way to add a member

If you go to the "Edit Options" button and press "Add people" you can add them this way as well as toggle on and off the email notification.

Light or Dark Theme

Another decision to make, especially before planning any branding content, is if you want to use Light Theme or Dark Theme. Toggle this on or off depending on the current setting and see the difference.

Light Theme example:

Dark Theme example:

Join Room Button Color

In a similar way, you can change the color of the room in "room settings."

Email Notifications

Video tutorial - email notifications

Next click on "Email Notifications" from the list on the left hand corner. Here we want to decide what kind of email notifications we want our members / attendees to receive.

Mentions - email is sent when a user is @ mentioned in the Chat panel

Announcements - all members who have logged into Filo at least once will receive an email when an announcement is made by an Admin. (any announcements made before a user has logged in will not be visible to that user once they log in - so feel free to test this function before adding your members!)

New Roles - members will receive an email when they have been given a new role (only effects members who have logged in)

New Tasks - members who have been assigned a task in a Task Tile will receive an email

Check the box for any of the options you want to turn on.

Access Settings

Click on "Edit Options" then click on "Room Settings". Here you will see "Room Color" which you can change.

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