Using our registration page allows your participants to sign up for your event, add it to their calendar, and then automatically get access to your Filo campus.

Our registration page is a light-weight registration page best used for one-day events. Keep in mind we do not have any reminder functionality within our platform today.

Once someone registers they will be able to login to your Campus right away if they wish. We recommend creating a Welcome Floor/Lobby with a short welcome video, instructions on updating their profile, and perhaps an agenda (even a high level one if it's still a work in progress). Have the remainder of the Floors within your Campus set to private with only Admin access until you are ready for you attendees to have access to those.

Video tutorial

Follow the below steps to set up your Registration page in Filo:

  1. Access the Admin panel by clicking on "+ Add People":

  2. Create at least one Role before starting your Registration page:

  3. Click on "Registration Pages", then "Create New Page":

  4. Fill in the fields, then click "Next":

    Reminder our registration pages are only able to be set up for one day. If your event is recurring, only set the date and time for the first day. You'll have to let your attendees know to add this to their calendar for the rest of the days.

  5. Add a header image (recommended size is 2160px x 200px). You can swap out the Campus icon for a different image if you would like. Also choose light or dark theme:

  6. Choose whether the registrant should be assigned all roles, or if they must select a role. This is a multi-select function - they could choose all the roles if they want.

    We have had some customers create two or more registration pages. One for general audience that they share on social media, etc. and another for those who need to select a role such as Speaker or Investor - this is important to do if you have certain parts of your Campus private to those roles:

  7. Review your registration page:

  8. Click "finish" if you are ready to go!

  9. A box will pop up with the sharable link as well as an embed code if you would like to add this to a webpage:

  10. You can see the number of registrants on the page card as people register:

  11. By clicking on the ellipsis on the card, you can get back in to edit the page, can access the share link and embed code, as well as set the page as inactive or active:

    If you are not sure if the registration page is the way to go for your event, please let us know and we can advise you for your specific needs! Contact us at for assistance.

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