Streaming a Zoom call into Filo is a great way to allow your participants to watch a live webinar, panel, etc. without having everyone join the Zoom. They can then engage in the Chat panel on the right with in the Room in Filo:

Steps to live stream Zoom into Filo:

Set up roles in Filo

  1. Create a Role for your presenters, moderators, etc. in Filo:

  2. Add your members and give the ones who will be on the Zoom this role.

  3. Create a Room within Filo, with limited access to just Admins and the newly created role:

  4. Add a Zoom tile to the Room.

  5. Login to your Zoom account and create a new meeting.

  6. Add your own Custom Zoom license Meeting ID, Passcode, and Join URL to the Zoom Tile in that Room:

Create a Live Video on Vimeo

If you do not have a Vimeo account please let us know that you'd like us to set the live stream up for you.

  1. In Vimeo click on "New video":

  2. Click on "Create Live Event"

  3. Name your event, click on "Privacy" and select "Hide from Vimeo" and click Next:

  4. Click on "Embed" and then click on the dropdown in "Embed Privacy" and select "Specific domains" and add and Also toggle off "Show latest video when off-air" and "Show Vimeo logo":

  5. Click the blue "Next" button in the upper right hand corner and then click "Connect (RTMPs)" - you will need this information in the next steps:

    Connect Vimeo to Zoom

    1. Go back into your Zoom account and the meeting you created for this event.

    2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Live Streaming":

    3. Click on "Configure Custom Streaming Service".

    4. Back in Vimeo, copy the RTMPS URL and add it to the Stream URL in Zoom:

    5. Next, copy the Stream key from Vimeo and paste it into the Stream key field in Zoom:

    6. Go back into and copy the URL for the Room where the live stream will be added and paste that into the Live streaming page URL in Zoom:

    7. Click "Save"

    Embed your Zoom video to Filo

    1. Back in Vimeo click on "Embed" and then "Embed Event Code":

    2. Copy the URL within the code:

    3. In Filo add a Custom Tile to the Room where you want to stream the Zoom:

    4. Title your Tile, pick a Title Layout (full size is recommended) and paste in the Vimeo URL. Click "Add Tile":

    5. Once you are ready to live stream, start the Zoom, and then click on "Live on Custom Streaming Service":

    6. A tab will be open showing a loading bar:

    7. It will say "Streaming Live" in the top left of your window.

    8. Be sure to start recording if you would like to add the recording to Filo following the event for future access.

    9. Keep in mind there is a 20 second or so delay between the Zoom and what shows up in Filo.

If you need any assistance with setting this up, or would like to have us set this up with you please let us know!

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