Adding a PDF to a Custom Tile
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Follow the steps below to embed a PDF into a Custom Tile

  1. Drop the PDF into google drive

  2. Open the preview

  3. In the three-dot menu, select "Share" or click on the blue Share button:

4. Make sure the link to that file is publicly accessible for anyone

5. Go back to that same menu and click "Open in new window"

6. That three-dot menu should now have the option to Embed item...:

7. Copy the URL from that iframe:

8. Open the room in Filo that you wish to add the PDF to

9. Click on the "Add a Tile" button to open the Tile options:

10. Select Custom Tile:

11. Paste the embed URL in the URL field, make sure "URL" is selected for Embed type. Name your Tile, select your preferred Layout. If the Preview looks as you'd like it to, click on Add Tile:

12. If you'd like to change the layout of your Tile, just click on the Pencil to made edits:

Please reach out to if you have any questions!

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