Open Vimeo (must have a Premium account) and Restream

In Restream

  • Click on the cloud (Video Storage) in the left hand icon list:

  • Click on the blue "Upload video" button in the upper right hang corner

  • Select your video

In Vimeo

  • Click the blue "New Video" button in the upper left hand corner:

  • Click on "Create live event" in the dropdown

-Add a title

-Make "recurring"

-Under the "Privacy" tab - change to "Hide from Vimeo"

  • Click on "Embed":

  • Change privacy to Embed privacy to "specific domains"

-Add, and

  • Set up the toggles to match the below:

  • Click on "Event embed code":

  • Highlight and copy the URL:

  • Open the Room in and add a Custom Tile, name the tile, pick a layout, add the URL link into the URL field and "Add Tile":

  • Back in Vimeo, click on the blue "Next" button in the upper right hand corner

  • Click on "Connected (RTMPS)":

In Restream

  • Click "Add Channel"

  • Click on the custom RTMPS module:

  • Go back into Vimeo and one at a time copy and past the RTMPS URL and Stream key and paste into the corresponding fields in Restream.

-In Vimeo

-In Restream:

  • Click on the orange "Add Channel" button ^

  • You will be taken to your list of channels. Click on the cog and then "Edit Settings" by the new channel to rename your channel:

  • Add your channel name and click "Save":

  • Navigate over to the video storage space and click the ellipsis on the video you want to schedule and click "Schedule Stream":

  • Add your title, and choose and a date and time to schedule your live stream (keep the timezone in mind) and click "Next":

  • Make sure the right destination is toggled on, and the rest are off - then click "Create Event":

You are now good to go! If you do not have a paid Vimeo account, we would be happy to set this up for you with your pre-recorded content. Please contact us at if you have questions or need additional assistance.

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