Video tutorial for using the Filo system email invitation

When you add members to they will not receive notification to join your team or event in Filo unless you toggle on the "Send Filo email invitation to new members" within the Room settings.

  • Navigate to the Room settings by clicking on the ellipsis above "Add Tile."

  • Then click "Room settings":

  • You can toggle the feature on or off:

  • Click "Update" to save your settings!

When toggled on, anyone you add to the Room, either individually, or with the bulk upload will receive an email inviting them to join your Room - see the example below - your Room logo will be pulled and it will have the name and email of the person who added the Member as the invitee:

If you choose to not use this feature, and instead would like to send your own notification to your Members, we recommend that once you have all the members added that you would like to add, that you use your regular email service provider (ESP) to send an email to each member.

Event Invitation Email Example

We recommend including as much of the following information as possible in your invitation email to your added members. Including the following information will help your attendees have the best and easiest experience getting into your event on time:

1. Your event or company logo

2. The day and time of the first event happening in Filo

3. The URL to join your event in Filo (

4. Instructions for how to login and where to start first

5. A screenshot of the Filo UI showing where your attendees should go at the beginning of your event

6. Contact information for who to send questions

Copy and Paste Example

Copy and paste the following example and make it your own!

Hi {{ Recipient Name }},

We're looking forward to seeing you {{ Event Day }} at {{ Time }} for {{ Event Name }}! The event will be hosted in Filo. To join:

1. Go to and log in using the same email you registered with. It will ask you to create a password.

2. Once logged in, join the {{ Room or Space where you want attendees to start }} for our first session at {{ Time }}. To do this, click Join Room in the {{Room or Space where you want attendees to start }}, and then Join Video Call, as shown below. This will launch Zoom. (We recommend having the Zoom app installed on your computer.)

If you need any assistance logging in or joining the session at anytime, please contact {{ Your Support Rep's Email Address }}, our technical support rep.

Thanks and we'll see you tomorrow!

{{ Sender Name }}

{{ Company Name }}

If you need assistance or have questions, please reach out to!

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