We provide a standard "Resources" tile in each room that is created. Anything that is a link can be added here. Adding or removing resources can be limited to just Admins, or can be open to any Member within your Filo Room.

Adding a Resource to a room

  • Enter the room you wish to add a resource to

  • Click on the "Add" in the Resource tile:

  • Add a link title and enter the URL, remember to press "Add Link"

  • Add a file by pressing "Choose File" and remember to press "Add File"

From the Edit box you can make Resources editable or not editable by Members, as well as change the layout of the Resource title to half or full size:

  • Be sure to click on the Save button after you've made the changes. If you don't wish to change anything simply click on Cancel.

Editing or Removing Resources

  • Click on the ellipsis next to the resource you'd like to edit or remove:

  • Then click Edit or Remove resource:

If you have any questions please contact our support team at support@filo.co

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