We provide a standard "Resources" tile in each room that is created. Anything that is a link can be added here. Adding or removing resources can be limited to just Admins, or can be open to any Member within your Filo domain.

Adding a Resource to a room

  • Enter the room you wish to add a resource to

  • Click on the + in the Resource tile:

  • Give your Resource a Title, copy in the link, and click "+ Add Resource":

  • If you are an Admin, and you want to resize, or change the ability to add or remove a resource to non-Admins, click on the pencil in the Resource tile:

  • From the Edit box you can make Resources editable or not editable by Members, as well as change the layout of the Resource title to half or full size:

  • Be sure to click on the Save button after you've made the changes. If you don't wish to change anything simply click on Cancel.

Editing or Removing Resources

  • Click on the ellipsis next to the resource you'd like to edit or remove:

  • Then click Edit or Remove:

If you have any questions please contact our support team at support@filo.co

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