Adding users is a Room Manager function of the Filo Room.

Room members are full members of a room. They can enter the room, join meetings, share files and tasks, see updates and other room members, and engage in chat.

There are two ways to add Room Members to your Filo Room. Below you will find step by step instructions for each option. Just a reminder that regardless of how you add a user, they will not receive any communication from Filo that they have been added unless you have toggled on the "Send Filo system invitation email to new members" function. This needs to be toggled on before adding your member or list of members. View further instructions for that feature.

***If you need to create and assign roles to your users, please follow these instructions.

This guide covers:

Quick Add Members:

Quick adding members is perfect for small team collaboration or small workshops.

  1. Login to your Filo Room (if you have access to more than one, be sure you are in the correct Room.)

  2. Click on the share icon in the room header

  3. In the Add People window that opens, enter the individual's email address (you can type or paste in multiple email addresses by space delimiting them)

    If you have another room you would like to bring users over from, you can select the room in "Add from a Room" and then the users will be available for quick select under Add People.

    If you would like them to receive a Filo generated invitation email, check the box (Notify new people by email)

  4. Click the "Invite People" button to complete the task and the pop up window will close.

Adding users in bulk - this is ideal for larger lists and/or when you have multiple roles to be assigned at once:

  • Login to your Filo Room (if you have access to more than one, be sure you are in the correct Room.)

  • Click on the ellipsis above the "Add a Tile" in your Filo Room

  • Click "Manage Members" (if you need to create any roles, do this before taking the next steps):

  • Click on the blue "Add Member" button

  • Click "Member List Template":

  • This will download a .xlsx file to your computer. Open the document and add your list of participant emails to the Email column. If you have roles created within the room, you need add a Y for yes and a N for no in the appropriate columns next to each email address. ***Removing an email address that was exported on the list will not remove them from the Room. However, adding a new role will update their access in the Room. After you make your changes save your document.

  • To upload the updated list, you can either drag and drop the file in the "Upload Member List" box or click on that box to access the correct file from your computer:

***One thing to be aware of, if you have added new roles to users who have already accessed your Filo campus, you will need to ask them to refresh their browser, or log out and back in again for them to see the changes.

Removing individuals from your Filo campus:

  • Login to your Filo campus

  • Click on the ellipsis above the "Add a Tile" in your Filo Room:

  • Click "Manage Members":

  • Search for the individual's name in the search bar.

  • Click on the ellipsis to the right of their email address, and click "Remove Member":

  • A box will pop up to confirm you want to remove that member if that Member has accessed the campus. If they haven't logged in yet, it will just remove them without confirming:

***No notification or email will be sent out to the individual alerting them that they have been removed.

Click here to watch a video on how to add and remove members.

If you have any questions or issues please contact the support team at

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