Floors and Rooms in Filo are intended to be customizable spaces where distributed teams and groups can come together to easily collaborate around a topic.

Floors and Rooms can be customized with different integrations using Tiles. You can share resources, whiteboards, polls, quizzes, playlists -- numerous options to make your virtual meetings richer and more collaborative. Some ways folks are using Tiles:

  • Whiteboard together during a virtual workshop with a Miro Tile

  • Boost the energy of a virtual meeting with a Spotify Playlist Tile

  • Use a Slido Tile to insert a poll and gather ideas

  • Invite attendees to easily sign up for a 1:1 meeting during using Calendly Tiles

  • Embed custom CTAs during a virtual event or webinar using Custom Tiles

  • Keep your team or customers aligned by hosting all docs and resources in one place (via Google Docs Tiles, or AirTable Tiles)

Below are instructions for embedding Tiles within Filo Rooms. Please reach out to us for any help.

Embedded Video


Docs, Slides & Spreadsheets

Calendars & Scheduling


Polls & Forms


  • Hubspot dashboards

Images & Other

  • Image Tiles (to host JPG or PNG images)

  • GIF (custom tile)

  • PDF (custom tile)

  • Custom Tiles (these can embed external links, such as a section of your website)

  • Control Room (a collaboration app for facilitating virtual workshops hosted by Voltage Control)

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