There are few options to embed Google Slides depending on how you would like the slides to appear in your Room.

Standard Google Slides View


To add a basic view, like the above, simply:

1. Copy the URL of your Google Slides that you would like to view in Filo.

2. Navigate to the Filo Room where you would like to view the Slides. Click on the + to add a Tile, shown here:

3. Select the Google Slides Tile:

4. In the Google Slides Tile editor, give your Tile a name, paste the URL of your Google Slide, then select the Layout you'd like. Preview what the Tile will look like, then click Add Tile to save.

Published Google Slides View

You can also customize your Google Slides to better fit within a Filo Room, to look like this:

This is done by customizing the Google Slide in a number of steps:

1. If you would like the background to match Filo's background, from the menu in Google Slides select Background, then add a custom color.

Insert #3e414aff in the custom color field to match the background grey of Filo's background.

3. Use Publish to Web to remove the view of the slide thumbnails and menu.

Go to File, and select Publish to Web.

Then, select Embed, and copy the URL from the embed code as shown below:

4. Then navigate to the Filo Room where you'd like to display the slide, and click the + to open the Tile view:

5. Select Google Slides Tile:

Paste the Embed URL from your Google Slide in the field. Select the Tile Layout you would like to use. If it looks correct, give your Tile a name and Add Tile to save. This is ideal for multiple slides where you want users to click through to each slide:

If you have only one slide, add "&rm=minimal" to the end of your URL before saving to give it a cleaner look:

Please reach out to if you have any questions!

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