You can easily add any Spotify playlist to a Campus Floor or Room, to share what you're listening to with your team or to share a podcast. Here's how:

1. Curate your best jams in Spotify playlist or select a podcast.

2. Navigate to the Playlist view in Spotify.

3. Click the 3-dot drop down, then Share, then Copy Embed Code, as shown here:

From the dropdown click "Share" and then "Embed playlist":

Click the box that says "Show code" and then copy just the URL from within that code:

4. Navigate to your Filo Floor or Room where you'd like the playlist or podcast displayed. From within the header, click "+ Add Tile" to add a Tile to the room. Then select Custom.

(+ Add Tile in a Floor without a header image)

(+ Add Tile in a Floor with a header image)

5. In the Custom Tile editor, the URL option should already be selected by default, paste the URL from within your embed code into the field below. If your image from the URL has the name of the item, feel free to turn off the title of the Tile for a cleaner look!

6. Feel free to play around with different tile layouts until you find the one that fits and looks the best depending on what else you have within that Floor or Room

7. The playlist will display like the below. When someone clicks the Tile, they'll be asked to log in to Spotify to listen to it.

Wider Tiles:

Smaller side by side Tiles:

If you need any assistance please contact us at

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