Please review the items below if you are having any issues logging into the Filo Room for your event or team:

***note please use Chrome, FireFox, or Edge, and check to see if there is any required update before proceeding.

#1 Invalid Email Error

You will see this message if you use an email that is not found in the Filo Room. If you see this message, please check to ensure the email address is typed correctly and is the right email for your event, program, or team. This could be the case if you are trying to use Google Auth if the email the Filo Admin didn't use a google email for you. If your email is correct and valid, please reach out to your event or account administrator for assistance.

#2 I've logged into Filo before, and I want to use my password:

Great! Just click on the box below the code area and enter your password to gain access to the Filo Room:

#3 I've logged into Filo before, but I don't remember my password

Whenever you log back into Filo you will be sent an email with a 6 digit code that you can use instead of a password. Please check your spam folder if you don't see this in your inbox. If you have any additional security on your company email you may not get this email right away or at all. If you do not get this email please email - include the email address you are trying to enter and the name of the event you are attempting to participate in.

Enter your code in the box on your screen.

Go back to the browser tab you already had open. If you enter your email again in a new tab a new code will be triggered.

#4 Expired Code

  • The code that is sent is only is only valid for 10 minutes. If you take longer than 10 minutes to receive the email and then enter the code it will not work. No worries! Just go back to the browser and submit your email again and a fresh link will be sent to your email inbox!

#5 I am in Filo, but I don't think I am in the right Room.

Check the name of the Room you are in as you may have been dropped into a Room for a previous event. Look on the left hand side next to the Room icon in the upper left hand corner and see what your other options are and then choose the correct Room:

If you experience any other issues logging into Filo don't hesitate to reach out to

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