has major components --

  • Rooms

  • Tiles

  • People


What is a Room?

A Room in is a place where you can interact with content and other people. The Tiles inside each Room can be named, structured, laid out, and branded in custom ways depending on the format of your virtual collaboration room.

How to Navigate Rooms

Rooms are represented through the list of your rooms on the left side panel. You can switch Rooms by simply clicking on a given room name.


What are Tiles?

Tiles in can can host numerous integrations to enhance virtual collaboration, keep your attendees on the same page or just further the engagement. Currently, only admins can add or edit Tiles. They can be collaborative items such as Zoom meetings, Miro boards, Google sheets and docs, polls, scheduling tools, etc. They can be used to share information like agendas, instructions, embedded videos (live streamed or play on demand). Review our list here!

Zoom Meetings & Webinars:

Rooms and Tiles that contain live webinars and Zoom meetings will include a section at the top with current room meeting & webinar attendees, room inhabitants, and a button to start or join the webinar or meeting.

  • Webinar & Meeting Attendees: Circles with a camera icon represent people actively in the webinar or meeting

  • Room Inhabitants: Circles without a camera icon represent user in on the current room page, but not actively in the webinar or meeting

  • Joining a Meeting or Webinar: To join the meeting or webinar, simply click the Start Zoom or Join Meeting buttons. You will be immediately placed into the meeting or webinar. NOTE: Some browsers might prompt you for permission before opening Zoom or other webinar and meeting application. Be sure and select OK or Yes to open the appropriate application.

People & Chat

What are People?

The right hand column will show the people in your event, team or workshop. People are colleagues, attendees or anyone who are also members of your current domain in

Things to Know:

  1. Right Hand Column: The right hand column always displays all the people associated with your current Room. The list is searchable, and splits users out based on those who are in the current Room, another Room, or offline. If there are emojis next to users names in the right hand panel you can hover over it to see what role they have.

  2. Locating People: People can be located within the room Tiles in the room through chat and meeting attendance, and from the right hand panel.

  3. Interacting with People: Any place a person is seen, you can interact with them by clicking on their profile picture. This displays the user's profile with options to message, invite, or call the user if the user allows.

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