1. Go to https://app.filo.co to log in to your Filo campus.

2. Enter your email or sign in with Google.

Verify your identity by entering your email address and then press "Sign In."

Note: If you have been invited to a specific event, and provided your email to a facilitator, you must log in with the same email you provided. (Most Filo accounts rely on an admin authorizing you as a user in the campus first.)

3. Create and Enter a Password. (Not for Google emails)

You will be asked to create and enter a password to gain access to the Filo.co campus for your specific event. Password should be 8 characters at a minimum. Acceptable symbols: = + - ^ $ * . [ ] { } ( ) ? " ! @ # % & / \ , > < ' : ; | _ ~

Next time you login you will see this screen and if you know your password, you can click to enter a password instead of going to your email to get the code:

4. Start your profile

When you access Filo for the very first time, you will see the box below prompting you to enter your Full Name, Company, and upload a Profile Photo - only your name is required:

After you save your profile, you will then land in the Home area where you can see all of your rooms that you have been added to.

***In the event that you get logged out of Filo and you forget your password***

You will be asked to enter a 6-digit code using the email you used to verify your email before. This 6-digit code is a single use, 15 minute limited time code sent to your email which must be requested and used on the same device.

Check your email for your 6-digit code.

The email you will receive is from notifications@filo.co.

Email example:

NOTE: If you do not see the email, be sure and check your SPAM or JUNK folders. Email filters are hard. Sometimes we end up where we don't want to be.

Return to http://app.filo.co/, or the URL that was provided by the facilitator, and enter your verification code in the screen.

Supported Devices

  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

  • Devices: Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhones

  • Zoom installed client


If you have an issues with this process, please check this article, or contact us at filo.co/support.

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