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How to Log In

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1. Go to https://app.filo.co/login.

2. Enter your email or sign in with Google.

Enter the email address associated with your existing Filo account, or click on "Sign in with your Google account"

Note: If you have been invited to a specific event, and provided your email to a facilitator, you must log in with the same email you provided. If not, you will not have access to the correct event. If you need added to a room, be sure and reach out to your room owner or facilitator to get access.

3. Login using a verification code (passwordless)

If you are logging in with your email (not Google auth), you will be sent a code for email verification. This is a 6 digit code and is valid for a short period of time. To login without a password, enter that six digit code and you are in!

4. You are in!

Check out these other articles for help navigating Filo or help creating your first room.

Supported Devices

  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

  • Devices: Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhones

  • Zoom installed client


If you have an issues with this process, please check this article, or contact us at filo.co/support.

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